Dec 1, 2010 – KBS International merges with Ice Group to form Brightstone Insurance Services LLC

KBS International Corporation merges with Ice Group
December 1, 2010 –New Rochelle, NY — Howard and Peter Schlactus and their team at
KBS International Corp., along with Jeff Ice and his team, formerly with Oswald
Logistics Insurance, have joined together to form Brightstone Insurance Services, LLC
and the KBS-Ice Group.
With agency offices in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Seattle, and a leadership
team possessing more than 150 years of combined experience insuring the same day
transportation and logistics industry, Brightstone is positioned to be a leader within the
“Our goal is to focus on the professionally-minded firms in the industry and give them
what we like to call an ‘unfair advantage,'” stated Managing Director Peter Schlactus.
“The ability to control major cost items, like insurance, even as you are able to offer your
customers superior confidence and security, translates into a competitive edge.”
Ice, managing director, added, “We have access to virtually every market, every program
and every coverage enhancement available. In addition, the size of our combined entity
provides ample leverage with insurance companies and enough market presence to ensure
that we continue to provide our clients with the lowest rates available.”
With the largest support staff in the industry, Brightstone is able to provide all clients
with the service levels they deserve to prosper and deal with the many changing risks
inherent in operating a business in this industry. Now, however, their team and yours will
be drawing upon the combined expertise of some of the industry’s most trusted advisers,
including Ice, Michelle Mattoni, Howard Schlactus, and Peter Schlactus.
“While our name has changed, our commitment to the industry and our clients has not,”
Howard Schlactus said, the firm’s third managing director. “You will still be working
with the same people you have come to know and trust.”
Mystic Capital Advisors Group, LLC provided intermediary transaction advisory services
to both KBS International and Ice Group.

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