Our Services

From merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy to capital raising, everything we do is done through the lens of increasing the value of our client.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Navigating the M&A market is something many private businesses only do once, yet doing so carries significant future consequences for both the shareholders and the company.  In our merger and acquisition practice, we provide comprehensive expertise in developing, evaluating,  and executing strategic transactions such as the carve-out of business units, exits, recapitalizations, reverse mergers, shareholder disputes, strategic partnerships, and restructuring. Whether you’re looking to acquire new businesses or to realize a full or partial sale, our high-touch approach to strategic advisory ensures that our clients are optimally positioned to maximize value and mitigate risk.

As our client’s trusted advisor, we leverage the full breadth of experience of Mystic Capital and our partners to optimize both value and economic terms to meet their sell-side objectives. Our team of thought-leaders works with you every step of the way – from early-stage planning through post-merger integration – so you can focus on running your business.

On the buy-side, we develop customized acquisition strategies, identify suitable target companies, facilitate due diligence and drive execution. Our clients enjoy the personalized attention of a full-service organization with access to broad intellectual capital, extensive relationships, and leading‑class solutions to drive their growth strategies and fit their buy-side M&A needs.

Due Diligence

When there is a complex transaction, you need a team that understands the business, the transactional risks, and the urgency of due diligence work. Mystic Capital’s deep bench of seasoned professionals provides a unique blend of analytic, investigative, and financial assessment skills, coupled with decades of industry-specific experience help mitigate your transaction risk. We dive deeper than other firms, offer transparent risk assessment services, and handle multiple deals in tight timelines.

In any merger or acquisition, financial due diligence is important for negotiation purposes as well as to identify future growth opportunities and post-acquisition strategies. Our financial due diligence process expands beyond the verification of financial information, to the identification of risks and issues to be addressed in the definitive agreement, and the identification of focus areas during the integration process. Each engagement is unique and our process is customized to your specific situation. Our unique financial due diligence process will help you examine risks and issues before making an investment decision.

Business Valuations

A business valuation is the core planning tool for a number of key strategic decisions. For example, it’s used when investors are deciding how much to invest in your company, as well as when owners are thinking about selling their firm. When it comes to business valuation, it is a very important part of any business plan. The valuation tells you how much your company is worth, and it helps you see where to put your resources if you’re looking for funding.

Mystic Capital provides these services to our clients to use as a basis for:

– Annual Strategic Planning and Executive Compensation
– Annual ESOP Valuations
– Perpetuation Planning
– Estate Planning
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Expert Witness Needs
– Goodwill Impairment Analysis (SFAS 141 & 142)

Perpetuation & Succession Planning

Succession is a stressful time for any business owner. With the recognition that 75% of leveraged buyouts fail, it’s vital to prepare for a perpetuation before it becomes necessary. Recognizing an LBO as perpetuation, Mystic Capital meets with all involved to assess the current value of the firm and its ability to generate enough cash to fund the perpetuation within the timeline negotiated.

Our goal is put together “Perpetuation Friendly” deals in order help owners negotiate and structure them well. Above all, we recognize that no one wins if the business fails to fund its debt load- which is why we work hard on behalf of our clients so they can rest assured that their legacy will be continued by someone who cares about their family’s business as much as they do.

Capital Raising

A Roadmap to Smart Capital

Our clients have institutional-level access to the capital markets. With a global reach and long-tenured relationships with traditional and non-traditional sources, we are leaders in accessing, structuring, and negotiating sound capital. We enable our clients to tap into top-tier traditional markets, as well as alternative sources of capital — such as hedge funds, private equity, and venture.

The team provides end-to-end transaction services for clients seeking growth capital, acquisition capital, or liquidity; solutions custom fit to their specific needs. Mystic Capital offers expertise across the risk spectrum, including mezzanine and private placements. We optimize solutions for our clients to minimize dilution and optimize their capital structure.

By understanding your specific business goals, complex situations, and existing capital structures, we provide insights into the risks and benefits of your options. We are strategically minded and position your firm for the right financing and manage each stage of negotiation with a client-centered approach.