Mystic Capital’s Managing Director Kevin P. Donoghue featured in The Rough Notes magazine, September 2021 edition.

Ahead of the 21st Annual TMPAA Summit in Scottsdale, Kevin sits down with Ray Scotto, of the Target Markets – Program Administrators Association – to discuss Covid-19s effect on the industry and deal structures.

As the firm enters its 20th year of continuous growth, Mystic Capital has emerged as the leader in raising capital and advising CEOs on critical M&A transactions in the Program Administrator space. Mystic Capital has advised on some of the most groundbreaking and landmark transactions in the sector. 

“We realized early on that it takes specialized focus and deep industry insights to position MGAs in a way that helps buyers / investors properly understand the unique growth profile and synergies that exist in the sector,” said Kevin. “Our intense focus on details, our unique level of patience, our ability to create a tailored process and find the ideal partner for each client situation has enabled Mystic Capital to deliver on our core mission to maximize shareholder value over the long-term.” Having earned a reputation for delivering record setting results for his clients, Kevin has demonstrated that his unique focus and insight into the PA marketplace provides a competitive advantage unmatched in the sector.

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Mystic Capital is a global investment banking firm focused exclusively on providing strategic and financial advisory services to clients and CEOs in the dynamic global insurance sector. The firm offers strategic advisory services in mission-critical transactions including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, LBOs, refinancings, recapitalizations and private capital raises. New York City-based Mystic Capital has the largest and most senior group of dedicated bankers focused on insurance. 

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