Jan 6, 2010 – Breckenridge Insurance Services partners with Target Markets Program Administrators Association

For Immediate Release
Target Markets Program Administrators Association
Wilmington, DE
January 2010
Breckenridge Insurance Services partners with the TMPAA
The Target Markets Program Administrators announced the creation of a strategic partnership with
Breckenridge Insurance Services
“Since its inception in October of 2001, the TMPAA has partnered with the best Program
Administrators, Carriers and Vendors to grow our group into the premiere Association for Program
Administration in the industry,” stated Glenn Clark, President of Rockwood Programs Inc, and
Association founder. “Our membership consists of 200 PA’s, 50+ carrier partners and 50+ specialist
vendor partners. Over the past two years we have sought to bring in a financial partner who can help
us to take our Association to the next level without changing the core dynamics that have made us
what we are today. Through a national search conducted by Mystic Capital (also a TMPAA member)
we have reached an agreement with Breckenridge Insurance Services. We sincerely believe that
their interests align most directly with our membership base.” Some of the benefits brought to the
TMPAA by Breckenridge are as follows:
• No change in the management of the day to day of the TMPAA. In fact we’ll be adding full time
resources in education and membership coordination.
• A financial resource to share in the millions in venue contracts for future meetings (scheduled
five years in advance).
• Professional management oversight of TMPAA Charities and TMPAA University (both 501 c 3
organizations of TMPAA).
• A more robust Target Programs platform -Target Programs links retail agents with TMPAA
members to grow their businesses.
• Expanded Alternative Risk Transfer mechanisms.
Bill Kronenberg, TMPAA President commented, “ The Association’s efforts to provide unique services
and opportunities that foster growth and efficiencies in our members program business operations are
well served by the partnership with Breckenridge. We look forward to enhancing the value that
membership in the group brings to our administrators”.
“The Breckenridge mission is to create value-added products and deliver unparalleled servicing in the
specialty insurance arena through trusted partnership relationships,” states Tracey Carragher, CEO,
Breckenridge Insurance Services. “The strategic investment in Target Markets allows us to work with
an elite group of Program Specialists and provide the unique solutions required for this specialized
insurance industry segment.”
Program Specialist/MGA’s interested in learning more about the TMPAA or the Association can find
information at www.targetmarkets.com or by calling 877-347-5700.

Information about Breckenridge Insurance Services can be found at www.breckis.com
For additional information, contact the Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA)
Ray Scotto – Executive Director – at (877) 347 – 5700. E-mail address: ray.scotto@targetmkts.com

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